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Menaud automates order management from A to Z with PivoHub

The first distillery and brewery in the Charlevoix region, Menaud invests in 2020 in a production system that increases its annual capacity more than tenfold. To operate at this new scale, Menaud chooses to equip itself with a solution that would streamline invoicing and order management. Today, order management is almost completely automated: over 76% of orders require no manual intervention from the moment they are placed until they are delivered and invoiced.


of orders are processed without manual intervention

5 min

time required, monthly, for billing


centralized system to manage all stakeholders

About Menaud

First distillery and brewery in the Charlevoix region, Menaud’s mission is to create products that respect the essence of their ingredients through close collaboration with local growers. Recognized for the quality of their products, Menaud has accumulated an impressive list of awards including London’s Global Spirits Masters.

In 2019, Menaud began small-scale production of craft beers in order to refine its recipes through quick cycles of iterative experimentation. After eighteen months of experimentation, Menaud has validated the recipes on the market and is ready to take the next step.


In 2020, invests in a new production system that increases its production capacity tenfold in order to market its beers throughout Quebec. Aware that increasing their sales volumes by such an extent would magnify the administrative burden, Menaud set out to find a solution that would significantly trim down the work involved in order management and invoicing.

As Menaud works with a distributor to transport its products to the four corners of Quebec, it is essential that the elected system communicate effectively with the distributor all the information relevant to delivery and invoicing.


Using PivoHub, Menaud has automated the management of orders from the moment they are placed until they are delivered and invoiced.

Retailers on PivoHub discover Menaud's profile and send their connection requests before placing their order online. If the amount of the order exceeds the minimum value and the minimum quantity of items set by Menaud, it is automatically accepted. Once accepted, the order appears in the distributor's PivoHub account, which adds it to a delivery route. On the day of delivery, the distributor prints the invoice generated by PivoHub and delivers it personally to the customer.

“The orders are completely managed by themselves. All I need to do is accept connection requests from new retailers," says Charles Boissoneau, partner at Menaud.


(The actions Menaud automated using PivoHub)


Today, 76% of orders are placed by buyers themselves. These are delivered and invoiced without Menaud having to lift a finger. Besides some occasional adjustments that only take a few minutes, order management and invoicing is done mostly without manual intervention.

“PivoHub connects our clients with our distributor without needing us to intervene. This means that our distributor can operate autonomously, which saves us a ton of time. "

By using a single integrated system to manage orders from A to Z, the Menaud team is free to focus all of their efforts on producing great products and nurturing customer relationships.

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