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Our Mission

People deserve to discover the story of a human industry that cares about its craft.

PivoHub provides powerful and simple software to create a digital ecosystem that connects, organizes, and equips the craft beverage industry.

We will be the best-of-breed craft beverage marketplace working with the world’s most notorious artisans.


пиво • (pivo) n (plural пива)
[Czech] Beer 


February 2014

After one too many calls, Chris leaves a 15 year career as a paramedic and launches his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding, with his wonderful wife Tania, Village Café  - a third wave café with a twist.

Joining District 3 Innovation Center

August 2016

Having lived the hardships faced by entrepreneurs and specialized retailers, Chris convinces Matt - a long time friend, EMD, and home brewer - to join District 3, a startup incubator, to find a new business idea and surround themselves with experienced entrepreneurs.

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PivoHub is Incorporated

May 2017

After hundreds of interviews with actors of the craft beverage industry, PivoHub takes form to centralize B2B craft beverage ordering and help craft producers share their passion for their products.

Introducing Pivo - MTL Demo Day

July 2017

After 9 months of work, the first PivoHub minimum-viable product is presented to the world. This leads to an investment into PivoHub. Irreconcilable differences push the team to return the seed investment and continue bootstrapping.

Elite Reinforcements

November 2017

Seb and Nico, whom had recently left their careers to launch their own startup Serafin - a framework that makes it easy to build API-centric progressive web apps - merge with PivoHub and provide an incredible technical foundation.

Beta Launch

February 2018

Dunham, one of Quebec's most notorious craft brewery, becomes PivoHub's first beta client. Over the course of the coming months, PivoHub facilitates the ordering of its first million dollars in sales.

Official Launch

February 2019

After constant and tireless product improvements, PivoHub was ready to launch. Within one month, over twenty new suppliers joined the platform.

Elite Reinforcement

April 2019

Sean, one of our mentor since District 3 days, joins PivoHub to get his hands dirty and ensure the sustainability of the company.

NRC Supports Growth

June 2019

With the support of NRC-IRAP, PivoHub starts growing its technical team and welcomes its founding employees.

Angels Enable the Future

November 2019

A team of highly experienced angels support and invest in the continued growth of PivoHub to allow the company to meet its potential.

Possible with the help of our wonderful partners

On top of the extraordinary support of our loved ones, these organizations were key in our continued growth.

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