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In a nutshell, PivoHub's an app that changes the way you order for the better. It saves a lot of time and all the information is presented clearly.
Rémy Du Berger
Manager of 4 stores, Axe Du Malt à Québec
I used to work from 5am to 8pm. PivoHub removed 80% of the administrative efforts required to operate. We moved 10,300 crates this week; we would never have been able to do that without Pivo. Now, I get to drop off and pick up my kids at daycare.
Charles Hudon
Bucké Distribution
PivoHub is a young platform managed by a dynamic team that works hard to meet our needs. The team is attentive and responsive. We gain visibility and efficiency in stock management. It’s all positive.
Charlène Guinet
Administrative Manager, Microbrasserie Riverbend
Pivohub allows us to save a lot of time when taking orders and tracking deliveries. The application allowed us to replace our different Excel files and bring everything together in one tool.
Jonathan Thibault
Owner, Brasserie La Ferme
PivoHub has changed the way we do business. It is an easy to use and formidably powerful tool to get closer to our customers.
Jean Francois Legentil
Owner, Echo Session Ales
Pivo is an essential tool for my business. The ease of ordering and the clarity of product availability helps us save time.
Alan Nader
Owner, Épicerie Prette
We had been looking for an inventory and logistics management solution for two years, to meet the recent increase in demand. PivoHub IS that solution.
Daniel St-Pierre
President, Bucké Distribution
PivoHub is an extraordinary tool that helps me avoid wasting my time, while enabling me to discover new things. I hope all brewers will take the leap.
Pierre-Luc Blanchette
Co-owner, Glacière de l'Est
What I like about PivoHub is being able to find the inventory of several microbreweries at the same time, with the visual of the products, while being able to sort the novelties to have a quick portrait. It is a practical and flexible tool. Like a Slinky!
Pierre Luc Gagnon
Manager, Peluso Rachel
PivoHub allows us to be much more productive because we have fewer emails and calls to manage. The interface is clear and we have the advantage of having the description and the image for each beer, so there is much less risk of errors than with a simple order list.
Simon Riendeau
Director, IGA Gaouette
Pivohub has revolutionized the way you place orders. For a pragmatic person like me, this is the perfect system. We select what we want and checkout. I save precious time which allows me to devote myself to other areas that would be neglected if the orders were still by phone or even by email.
Olivier Marceau Landry
Owner, Experience Bière Plateau et Ville Marie
Our model is a little different from others, yet PivoHub's platform was flexible enough to meet our exact needs.
Alexandre Beaulieu Simon
Sales director, Noctem Artisans Brasseurs
Coming from PepsiCo, we searched for two years for the tools necessary to take us to the next level. With Pivo, we now have the ability and the confidence to move on to the next phase of growth.
Jean Francois Nelis
Co-owner, Pit Caribou