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Scale operations, not headaches

PivoHub integrates route planning with orders, inventory, and invoicing; helping you delight customers while growing volumes.

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I used to work from 5am to 8pm. PivoHub removed 80% of the administrative efforts required to operate. We moved 10,300 crates this week; we would never have been able to do that without Pivo. Now, I get to drop off and pick up my kids at daycare.
Charles-Hudon - Bucke

Charles Hudon
Bucké Distribution

Operations that just  work

Streamline your workflows and ditch manual data entry. Orders, delivery routes, inventory, returns, invoices - it all happens on PivoHub.

Distributor - Operations

Integrated logistics

Create delivery routes that are synced with orders. Update inventory with each operation. Automatically corrects invoices and attach proof-of-delivery upon delivery.

Distributor - Logistics

The data you need, when you need it

Download and create tailored or custom reports at the click of a button in multiple formats. Empower your team and save trees.

Distributor - Reports

What's included

Asset 394

Route Creation

Create Edit and Publish all your daily delivery routes.

Asset 391

Inventory Management

Access and curate your own and your suppliers live dynamic inventory.

Asset 393

Accounting Integrations

Integrate with your Accounting software to speed up administration.

Asset 392

Automated Invoicing

Use Pivo to create all your invoices and other needed documentation in one click.

Asset 396

Online Payment

Get paid right from Pivo and Pay suppliers directly all in one place.

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Communication Tools

Chat with retailers, suppliers, and other distributors on PivoHub. Send linked messages to all parties in question.

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